FORMULA 18 Blonding and Toning with Dennis Gebhart of Guru Nation


Explore the entire world of blonding. “Global Blonding” or a “Double Process” requires specific skills, techniques, and formulation strategies. These will enable the salon professional to achieve predictable and successful results every time. Learning these strategies will empower the salon professional. It will allow you to provide your guests with “blonde perfection” results that have maximum longevity. The key is in the preparation and the strategies one uses during the process. Your Rx is also responsible for the longevity of your guests' haircolour. Discover why some of your blonde client's hair reverts back to gold before they return. You will have the answer to this and more burning questions when you join Dennis Gebhart and Guru Nation for this “Blonde Perfection” session.


Dennis Gebhart has dedicated most of his career empowering the salon professional. He helps them understand and master haircolour. Dennis’ education includes degrees in Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, Barbering Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UC Long Beach. Before Dennis went to university, he interned with haircolour pioneer and industry legend Sam Lapin whose client list read like the who’s who of Hollywood. He studied with Mr. Lapin for 3 years and then enrolled to acquire his BS in Chemistry.

Mr. Gebhart worked with many haircolour companies along the way. He spent 26 years at Redken Inc. which allowed him to spread his wings in education, research and development, traveling the globe and helped what is now called the Redken Exchange. He was Senior Mentor at the exchange for 16 years. He helped discover the 1st Demi-Colour in the world which is still the #1 selling demi around the world called Shades EQ.