Salon Wellness: Yoga, Meditation, and Self Care


Segment 1: Yoga

Certified yoga instructor and salon owner Jessie Frye will lead you through a series of movements designed to help improve your posture and comfort while working behind the chair.

Segment 2: Self-Care
  • Eliminating "burn-out" with self-care. 
  • Teaching how to turn simple everyday routine into self-devoting rituals. 
  • Honoring yourself by inner connection, listening to one's needs, and creating boundaries. 
  • Creating positive inner-narrative and self-empowerment. 
  • 5 min interactive self-love writing exercise 

Segment 3 - Meditation
  • Explaining what mediation is in its most basic form. 
  • Discussing the importance of mediation. 
  • 15 min guided meditation.



After falling in love with the beauty industry in 1999 while working at the front desk of a local salon, Jessie Frye switched gears from teaching traditionally and attended cosmetology school. She proved that hard work pays off and rapidly advanced to become a Senior Director and Stylist Manager of an exclusive European salon.

Jessie is an energetic and organized leader with educational experience spanning several well known and respected brands such as Sally Rogerson Education, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Aveda, Vidal Sassoon Academy, and Davines, along with many other boutique brands. Jessie's passions synergistically collide with her love for the industry and her desire to share her knowledge with others.Working with the most cutting edge and in demand educational leaders both nationally and internationally for the last 16 years, Jessie's desire is to relay her learned and practiced knowledge in an interactive hands on approach. 
Her organized style of teaching blends the 4-Mat System, Presentation Advantage, and Sally Rogerson educator training to help  each learner's shared experiences be highlighted and allows for them to have a one on one group setting where the learning is endless.

Jessie now operates her own artist's studio -Blue Orchid where her pursuit and passion for growth continues. Regularly attending advanced training sessions all over the world and networking with the most influencing artists, Jessie's classic knowledge of the industry is always current and up to date. 


Kate Ambers is a successful hairdresser in Sacramento, California. Her love for yoga and passion for personal growth has inspired her to create Souldresser Retreats. She hopes that she can empower others to create the life they deserve by using the techniques and daily rituals that helped her to gain success and happiness.

Souldresser Retreats, a first-of-its-kind retreat that helps hairdressers stay committed to their spiritual practices. Her flagship course, Master Your Mindset, empowers stylists to awaken their confidence and live with purpose.

Kate created Souldresser Retreats to provide personal and business development to the beauty industry by connecting hairstylists to their spiritual path. To Kate, looking inward is an ethical endeavor. Being spiritual implies seeking to better understand one's inner life in order to act more wisely in the world.
By connecting with your own spirit, you are able to tap into your own light, connect with your highest self, and create the life you truly love.